History--truck stops--"Mid Continent Service Corporation" ?
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2015-05-20 22:33:28 UTC
In reading about Western Union history, they said that in _1971_ they contracted with MCSC, a truck stop accounting service company, to provide money orders and other communicaton services to truckers at truck stops. One service was road permits, WU would carry the teletyped message from the truck stop to the state offices so truckers could get a permit for a special movement (e.g. a wide load).

In doing a search, I could not find a _current_ reference for Mid Continent Corporation of West Memphis, Ark; it appears to be defunct.

Anyone ever hear of it?

In the 1970 time frame, I would guess that telegrams were still important to truckers en route, as they provided a written official record of communication. Shippers could order a modifciation of the trip, and truckers could report delays or problems. The written record would protect the sender against claims of "You never sent that message".

If a trucker broke down en route and needed expensive repairs, money could be wired to him.

Any veteran truckers want to comment on the old days of shipper/trucker communications? How did an independent trucker cover himself against oral change orders?

The flip side is that in 1970, telegrams were somewhat expensive (roughly $2.75) and not that fast (four hours). For about the same money, someone could make a three minute coast-to-coast (cheaper for shorter distances) long distance telephone call which allowed a two-way conversation.


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2015-09-18 16:47:58 UTC
My Dad was Vice President of public relations for mid continent from about 69 to 1972.. They created the concept of truck stop fuel.. Restaurant.. Motel.. Mechanical repair.. And tires under one roof .. They also had a mid continent credit card system. That trucking companies could use and get qtrly expense reports
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Who can l talk with or contact about mid content?