Stéphane Dumas recommends for Québec Autoroutes
(too old to reply)
2016-08-29 18:26:52 UTC
In order of priority.

-More consistency in signage. All compulsory exit lanes should have the Amber Dasher underneath. I got caught like this at A-10 & A-30. Even my own exit on A-20 does not have this. To be fair, the DVP in Toronto has this when it does NOT apply.

-Should be the amber retro-reflectors diamonds on the left like they have on the simple median divided 400's in Ontario. Actually the QC-117 in the Tremblant area is better marked in this fashion than the A-15 to the south.

-Completion of the A-35 to Vermont.

-Doubling of all the A-50 where it is only super two.

-Completion of A-40 at Trois-Rivieres and Ancienne-Lorrette as per the original plans.

-I think that the six lanes to A-35 on A-10 is in the pipeline.

-A definite cut-off between A-73 and QC-175

-A-15 between Henri-Bourassa/Sauve and Decarie (a fully costed plan on the books) never even evaluated. Preventing the saturation of 'the Met between the two 15s.'
2016-08-30 20:16:37 UTC
A-73 to PQ 173 near Québec City area
Here's my two cents from south of the border:
A-73 south of Quebec City: renumber as A-75 and extend to the Maine border; upgrade US-201 to freeway, renumber as I-595 (or maybe I-97!).