Uber asks homosexuals to stop making it the new Tinder
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2016-12-17 19:40:50 UTC
Uber reminds customers that their service is not for hook ups.

This week Uber updated their community guidelines to discourage
passengers from using the ride-sharing app as a hook-up

Some Uber and Lyft riders have been using the car-pooling option
in the respective apps as a way to meet or hook up with others.
But Uber is not pleased and has advised users to not flirt or
touch passengers.

“It’s OK to chat with other people in the car. But please don’t
comment on someone’s appearance or ask whether they are single,”
Uber’s guidelines state.

According to Recode, UberPool has become a new form of speed
dating and some even deem it better than using Tinder.

Last year, two passengers got engaged after they met while
sharing an Uber headed to the same restaurant in San Francisco,
Today reports.

And while this may not be the outcome for every lovesick Uber
user, the company wanted to reiterate some things.

“As a reminder, Uber has a no sex rule. That’s no sexual conduct
between drivers and riders, no matter what.”

As a matter of fact, you could even get banned from using the
ride-share app in your quest to hook up with someone if the
company learns of problematic behavior involving violence,
sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination, or illegal
activity while using Uber, Business Insider reports.

Sure, the idea of finding romance while sharing a car may be
appealing to some, but it might be best to move your flirtatious
advances outside of Uber — or at least turn it down a notch.

2016-12-20 20:49:23 UTC
Well "playing" while in a motor vehicle *is* problematic. Besides, everybody can see! x^(