Importance of towns named "<state name> City."
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2018-10-21 01:23:59 UTC
Virginia City, NV
...which would presumably have been founded by expatriates of the
Commonwealth, but where is it? I've been to Nevada before, and don't
seeing it on any map of the state.
I remember at the opening credits of the western tv series Bonanza showing a
map of the Ponderosa, who show the location of Virginia City located
somewhere between Reno and Carson City
--PL"either way, you still can't get there from here :-)"H
Stéphane Dumas
Not only was it the home of the fictional Ponderosa Ranch, but it was home of the 1940's film Virginia City and the novel by Louis L'Amour - Comstock Lode (during the silver rush.

Ellen S.
2018-10-21 01:36:45 UTC
Exile on Market Street managed to find two functioning brain cells to
You have probably never heard, for instance, of Missouri City, MO. It
is a small town (pop. ~450) on the Missouri River in Ray County, about
30 mi NE of downtown Kansas City. The place doesn't even register on
most Kansas City-area residents' radar screens, except when about two
inches of snow falls -- enough, it seems, to close the schools in the
tiny burg but not in the much larger Missouri city nearby.
Nonetheless, such incidents would cause falsely raised hopes among
KC-area school children when the radio announcers announced that "all
Missouri City public schools are closed."
Of course I've heard of it, it's just down the road! Speaking of that great
booming mecca, why was the western part of old MO 210 closed when the bypass
was built? It gives the town a weird "end of the road" feel to it.
Well, they don't have "City" in their names, but they are nonetheless
California, PA
Indiana, PA
Why? Because each has a State System of Higher Education university
campus in it, which means that the people associated with them have to
take pains to explain that they're from "California University of
Pennsylvania" or "Indiana University of Pennsylvania."
Good thing that Columbia, rather than California, was selected as the site
for MU.
Don't forget to bring a towel!
You left out Alabama, NY which was named after the state of Alabama by a French fur trader.