Kappa Map Group about to go out of business? ;^)
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2017-02-08 22:59:51 UTC
Forgive me, if you must, for the emoticon but they really ARE the Crappy Crap Group!

It would probably serve the Kappa Map Group right for buying from Langenscheidt all their local map companies, some of them with good, very good or even excellent graphics, after buying Universal Crap: Trakker Crap, "Official" Arrow Crap*, General Drafting, Hagstrom Map, American Map, Mapsco, and of course, the best: ADC of Alexandria.

* Of course, their graphics got to be really good, even excellent, after Langenscheidt bought them out and they started adopting ADC's graphics along with Hagstrom. Before then their graphics were usually crappy or downright terrible, like Trakker. I actually recoiled in horror when I first looked at an up-to-date American Map Corp. "Arrow" Map in Boston in 2015 after Kappa changed the graphics.

Now here's what I would have done after buying them out and adding Universal to the mix : I would have restored the Arrow brand at the top in lieu of Langenscheidt, and continue the adoption of ADC's graphics--the old analog graphics, for they were the best-- by all the rest, even Trakker Crap. Hagstrom I would have publish Travel Guides and combination Atlases and Travel Guides, with the ADC graphics of course. It would have been interesting to see the following message in the DC area on billboards, "WE'RE BACK! ADC, The "Official" Arrow Map People [with the arrow behind ADC, naturally]. Available everywhere now!" But that is not to be.

But enough of my post-mortem of all these local map companies, great and gross.
Some of the divided through routes and streets were shown as undivided. Why? The edge lines were also drawn too heavy--in other words, too thick. These "techniques" also made a lot of the downtown ramps systems downright illegible--too much black and dark blue and red.
Of the principal through routes, only the Interstates were shown in blue and US routes in red. The rest, yellow, along with the secondary, tertiary and local through routes. Did anyone even consider to use more red or even orange? It seems to me, the answer is no.
The US Highway shields were of the ugly "PennDot" acorn variety. Guess someone stole a sign in Carlisle, PA, where the headquarters office is, scanned it, and then miniaturized the result. Couldn't they have found a NORMAL US shield sign? Apparently no, and it shows you how retarded they are (apologies are warranted--these people are SO STUPID it really IS an insult to the mentally challenged to use the word to describe these clowns!).
The state road and county road symbols were unnecessarily elongated with unnecessary prefixes. Couldn't they even have bothered to use boring circles for the state roads, squares for secondary state, and pentagons for the county roads? Again, no; and you know why.
Oh, an here's the real killer: their exit number tabs are each shown as blue numbers on a field of white. Now normally this is not bad--see the old Mapquest Atlases. But where do these unthinking imbeciles place them? On top of the interchange, usually right where you need to see the ramp, especially on a downtown area map. So how do they show Downtown Boston in this atlas, with all the underground ramps of the Big Dig? Simple: they use old Universal Crap graphics. Idiots!--but it could've been worse.
On the metro area maps, they show a lot of unnecessary local roads, to the extent of cluttering things up, even to the point of illegibility--which is why most of the metro maps are still shown in Universal Crap graphics.
Well, let's say farewell to the Crappy Crap Group: good riddance to bad rubbish!--or in this case, /merde/.
2017-02-08 23:44:12 UTC
On Edit: It's now Blue Bell PA, not Carlisle PA.

How the BLEEP can I edit the original?