NJN: America's groin-grabber defends Bill O'Reilly. What's not to believe?
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2017-04-07 18:42:30 UTC
President Donald Trump has publicly declared Bill O'Reilly innocent,
just four days into Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month.
"I don't think Bill did anything wrong," Trump said, as more than
60 companies pulled their advertisements from the Fox News host's
show. Impeccable timing. The only mistake O'Reilly made,
according to the President of the United States, was settling the
five sexual harassment cases against him for a whopping $13 million,
in exchange for the victims' silence and agreement not to sue. What
this means is, the man with one of the world's most powerful
megaphones is calling all these women liars, just like the more
than a dozen women who accused him.

In fairness, Trump did bring his full wrath down upon the accused
Central Park rapists. Who were innocent. No matter. Despite
exonerating DNA evidence and the credible confession of a serial
rapist, Trump still insists that they were guilty, and deserved

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